Surplus Property Auctions


There are four types of auctions:

  1. Live Auctions
  2. Combined Live and online Auctions
  3. Online auctions
  4. Sealed Bid Auctions

Please handle TAMU property with care. The better condition your product is in the more value it has to Texas A&M University.

Live Auctions

These are auctions where an auctioneer sells items to the highest bidder present at the auction location. Payment can be made with cash, credit card, check or money order to the auction company that is conducting the auction on TAMU's behalf.

Live-Online Auctions

In these auctions, online bidders bid in real-time against live bidders on the auction floor.

Currently all online auctions for TAMU are serviced by Lonestar auctioneers. Their website link is

Online Auctions

Online bidders bid against each other in real-time on the public site until the date and time that the lot closes. In all online auctions, bidders are automatically notified by email when they win a lot.

Sealed Bid Auctions

These can be created at the Surplus Property Office. The auction has a closing date and time, and bidders can place mail-in bids. The bids cannot be seen by the Surplus staff until after the date and time of closing. At that point, the surplus staff can enter any mail-in bids to record all bids in the system, and then select the winning bidder. Tie winners can be called on the phone and asked for a tie-breaking bid. These bids are also recorded in the system.


Sales types include:

  1. Online Auction sales (winning bidders)
  2. Live Auction Sales (winning bidders)
  3. Special Bid Sales (winning bidders)
  4. Retail Sales (to the public)
  5. Department Sales (to university departments)
  6. Agency sales (to outside agencies, other universities or government agencies)
  7. Trade-in (approvals)
  8. Recycle sales
  9. Trash sales (or costs)

Online Auction Sales

These are transactions for winning bidders of online auctions. These transactions are handled by the auction vender.  Please present your receipt of purchase at the surplus property office to claim the items won on auction.